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Dear creator, I'm so excited you're writing something for me! And I'm so sorry this is going up late. :(

I'm mostly going to c/p this from last year since otherwise I'm never going to get this letter done. I do go on a bit, but it's mostly just intended as something to give you ideas, if you'd like to use them. If there's a story you're dying to write for any of these fandoms and character, I'd love to read it, regardless of how it fits in with the prompts I've provided below.

Please don't feel obliged to read any of this letter if you'd prefer not to!

I don't have any die-hard dislikes - anything fandom-specific will be mentioned there. In general, I am comfortable reading just about anything - including nonconsent, violence, character death, etc - provided that it is not gratuitous and makes sense within the context of the narrative, and that it is warned for up front.

I am also pretty flexible with the things I like. Explicit porn is awesome, G-rated stories with hand-holding are awesome, angst and bleakness are awesome, happy endings are awesome, humour is awesome, domesticity is awesome! Etc.

A few of my favourite things are banter, adventures, stoic girls with feeeeelings, road trips, female antiheroes or villains with complex motivations, enemies forced to work together by circumstance, reluctant superheroes or people coming to terms with powers or a destiny that isn't necessarily wanted, found families, unexpected/unconventional happy endings, tragedies that are more-or-less inevitable given the nature of the individuals involved, and worldbuilding, but by no means feel obligated to include any of these things!

For these fandoms, I am not very interested in the kind of AU where characters are written into a completely different universe where they are pirates or cowgirls or something. AUs that explore the ramifications of a change to canon (what if character x survived/won the battle/etc instead) are always fascinating to me, however!

If you'd like some general information about me, all my fic is on AO3 here.

If you'd like more detail, I requested:

ATLA requests: Katara/Azula, Katara/Mai, fic, art

I've been rediscovering how much I love this show and these ladies recently! Katara is still my forever girl, but there are so many other amazing lady characters with fascinating relationships with each other.

I feel like Katara/Azula could be taken in so many different directions, all the way from messed up angry hatesex to reluctant allies to older wiser ladies discovering common ground. I love the epic contrasts between them, visually and emotionally - fire versus water, rigid armour versus flowing cloth, manipulation and control versus hope and passion - but I also love how they sometimes parallel - very powerful and dedicated, almost prodigies, both of them the little sisters in their families coming to terms with patriarchy and gender roles (albeit in different ways).

Katara/Mai is a bit cracky? But I love the idea of them becoming friends (girlfriends or just special friends, haha). Katara needs more lady friends (Mai needs more friends, in general!) and I feel like they might have a lot in common despite it all. They both have no patience with stupid or unpleasant people and share a common interest in looking nice, staying clean, and, when necessary, committing violence. I'd love to see them hanging out as friends (maybe an AU where Mai joined the Gaang much earlier?) - clothes-swapping would give me life - or working together post-series.

Friendly Young Ladies requests: Leonora/Helen, fic, art

I am so here for everything about this book except the ending, which even Mary Renault admitted was dumb (or at least could be taken that way). I am so in love with Leonora and Helen's relationship, the commitment and humour and determination to live life exactly how they want to. I'd really, really prefer if you didn't go with the implication that Leonora left with Joe at the end - it's dumb and awful and, just, no.

Otherwise these characters are just so much fun! I'd love something from any period of their relationship, from getting together to the canon period to something set later - what did they do in the war, perhaps? There's so much potential fun here: 1930s party dresses! Crossdressing! Cowboy pulp! Houseboats! Slightly disturbing medical illustrations! Domesticity! Lesbian seduction (in a canoe!) Confusing and/or horrifying the straights! I'm here for pretty much any of it.

Fringe requests: Olivia/Altlivia, Olivia/Astrid, fic

Oh show. I miss it so much - even if parts went in directions I wasn't really happy with (Olivia/Peter), characters like Olivia were so wonderful.

I am still fascinated and amazed by the Olivia/Altlivia relationship(s) - they're enemies, and Altlivia has done some fairly terrible things, but they're completely comprehensible. I'm still sad that we never really saw a resolution to the events of season 3 (the original red and blue Olivias) - our Olivia remembers, but Altlivia doesn't. I'd absolutely adore something set in the original universe, or where Altlivia remembers a different life. Later season Olivia/Altlivia was also wonderful too though, both before and after Olivia started remembering. Basically, give me anything with enemies forced to work together - coming to reluctant understanding of each other - hot messed up porn - anything!

Astrid got such a raw deal on the show, and it still makes me really sad. To be honest, although the reasons why she was underused were due to the showrunners, one of the effects in-universe was to make Olivia and Astrid's relationship almost non-existent. We almost never got to see the two of them actually spending time together for non-work related reasons. So that's something I'd really love - Astrid in the foreground and the two of them discovering a different kind of relationship. Maybe events of a case leading them to think differently of each other, or they start spending more time together and gradually build up a friendship and then something else? Also, Brown Betty AUs give me life and I am always there for that!

As above, I'm not really a Peter fan - I'd prefer to keep his involvement in any fic to a minimum. Mentions and brief scenes with him are fine if the narrative calls for it, but I really wouldn't enjoy anything that focuses on him as a major character.

Teen Wolf requests: Allison/Lydia, Jennifer/Kali, Lydia/Marin Morrell, Allison/Kate, Allison/Erica, fic

True confessions time: I haven't watched this show since the 3A finale. I really love many of the characters, but I was just fed up with how the (female, nonwhite, queer) characters were treated. Kali and Jennifer both getting killed off while Deucalion received his chance at ~redemption~ was just the last straw. I've been keeping more or less up to date on spoilers (ALLISON ;__________;), though, and am happy to receive fic referencing situations and characters that showed up later.

FOR EXAMPLE: Lydia raising Allison from the dead! Kate raising Allison from the dead! Allison and Erica on a mysteriously-not-dead-anymore ladies road trip! Jennifer and Kali on a mysteriously-not-dead-anymore ladies road trip! Marin Morrell coming back from limbo to talk to Lydia about ambiguous magical powers!

I love all of these ladies and their relationships, from happy and supportive to ambiguous to definitely fucked up. Allison and Lydia's friendship was wonderful and I really wish we could have gotten ten seasons of them growing up and finding their strength and place in the world together. Jennifer and Kali is the epic doomed lesbian romance of my heart; I'd love a happy ending, but I'm okay with fated tragedy too. Lydia/Marin Morrell is kind of cracky and I think I'm still the only person who's written it (at least posted to AO3) but I love the glimpses of an ambiguous mentor relationship between them that we saw in earlier seasons, and I'd love to see more between them. Underage (as in canon show-age) is ok but I'd prefer an adult Lydia. Kate and Allison is a totally different mentor relationship - it's messed up but they're incredibly important to each other. (Again, show-age is ok but nothing younger, and I'd prefer an adult Allison.) And then Allison and Erica's flat-out aggression was lots of fun, and I'd love to see something that explored their relationship (and the consequences of all that attempted murder!) in more detail.

Crossover requests: Harriet Vane/Phryne Fisher (Lord Peter Wimsey/Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries), Sarah Connor/Natasha Romanov (Terminator/MCU), Sarah Connor/Olivia Dunham (Terminator/Fringe), Lydia Martin/Hermione Granger (Teen Wolf/Harry Potter), fic

I may have gone a bit overboard with these??? Some are kind of cracky but WHATEVER. The heart wants what it wants!!

Harriet Vane/Phryne Fisher shouldn't need too much explanation - they're both awesome lady detectives/detective writers from a similar time period, and I would love to see them interacting SO MUCH. We already know Harriet likes dramatic, flamboyant, brilliant detectives! Maybe Phryne's in England and runs into Harriet while detecting something? Maybe Harriet's on a book tour of Australia (they probably didn't do that in the 30s but oh well) and of course has to meet the incredible Phryne Fisher? I like both of their respective love interests a lot, so while I'm totally happy for neither of them to show up at all, please treat them fairly if you do use them.

Sarah Connor/Natasha Romanov actually is cracky, but I'm not sorry. Stoic tough ladies who pretend to have no feelings (but really they have lots and lots of feelings) (but if a job needs doing they can put their feelings aside and do it) - they're one of my favourite things. I'd love to see these two interacting - maybe post-skynet apocalypse? Maybe Natasha is tracking down a dangerous criminal and falls for her instead? Also, I love the comics canon that Natasha is much older than she looks - anything playing off that + Sarah's time jumps meaning SHE was born a lot earlier than she should be would be amazing.

Sarah Connor/Olivia Dunham - uh, see above re stoic ladies. I have a type, and I'm not sorry! Once again, Olivia in the skynet apocalypse, Olivia tracking down a time-travelling criminal, Sarah fighting Fringe events as well as skynet - it's all amazing. I didn't come up with this pairing, by the way. Look, there's even a vid!

Lydia Martin/Hermione Granger - look, I don't even know, but I want Lydia to be happy and secure in her power and have all of the amazing girlfriends, and I feel like this pairing could give me what I want. The contrasts between these characters fascinate me - they're both incredibly brilliant girls - but Lydia chose to hide and disguise that for most of her life, whereas Hermione shoves it in people's faces. But they're both also loyal and brave and I just feel like they could have so much in common.

Thank you again so much!!!


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