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Dear writer, thank you so much for signing up, I'm so excited you're writing something for me! I'm really sorry for the delay in getting my letter out. :(

I do go on a bit in this letter, but it's mostly just intended as something to give you ideas, if you'd like to use them. If there's a story you're dying to write for any of these fandoms and character, I'd love to read it, regardless of how it fits in with the prompts I've provided below.

Please don't feel obliged to read any of this letter if you'd prefer not to!

I don't have any die-hard dislikes, except for one mentioned in the Year of the Flood section, below. In general, I am comfortable reading just about anything - including nonconsent, violence, character death, etc - provided that it is not gratuitous and makes sense within the context of the narrative, and that it is warned for up front.

I am also pretty flexible with the things I like. I'd be equally thrilled with romance/pairing fic, het or femslash, or with gen. Explicit porn is awesome, G-rated stories with hand-holding are awesome, angst and bleakness are awesome, happy endings are awesome, humour is awesome, domesticity is awesome! Etc.

A few of my favourite things are banter, adventures, stoic girls with feeeeelings, road trips, female antiheroes or villains with complex motivations, enemies forced to work together by circumstance, reluctant superheroes or people coming to terms with powers or a destiny that isn't necessarily wanted, found families, unexpected/unconventional happy endings, tragedies that are more-or-less inevitable given the nature of the individuals involved, and worldbuilding, but by no means feel obligated to include any of these things!

For these fandoms, I am not very interested in the kind of AU where characters are written into a completely different universe where they are pirates or cowgirls or something. AUs that explore the ramifications of a change to canon (what if character x survived/won the battle/etc instead) are always fascinating to me, however!

If you'd like some general information about me, all my fic is on AO3 here.

If you'd like more detail, I requested:

Teen Wolf requests: Marin Morrell, Kali

True confessions time: I haven't watched this show since the 3A finale. I really love many of the characters, but I was just fed up with how the (female, nonwhite, queer) characters were treated. Kali and Jennifer both getting killed off while Deucalion received his chance at ~redemption~ was just the last straw.

And then, you know, next season they killed off Allison. I reckon I made the right choice.

I don't mind if you want to bring in new characters or plot points introduced since the end of 3A - I've more or less kept up with how the seasons have gone - but for obvious reasons, I'd prefer to keep the focus on characters introduced prior to the end of 3A. I also really, REALLY don't mind if you want to go AU and write something where some/all of the ladies are alive. Just saying.

I think Marin Morrell had SO MUCH potential as a character, and I'm still bitter and angry that the show never really went anywhere serious with her character. (And then wrote her out of the show entirely, apparently??? ARGH.) I'd adore fic exploring any aspect of her character! What is her history with the alpha pack? As an emissary? Why did she show up in Beacon Hills so much earlier than the rest of the alpha pack? I'd also love to see something about her complicated mentoring relationships with younger women - Braeden, Lydia, Allison.

I'd be thrilled by gen or femslash (and I'm totally okay with shipping her with the younger generation, if that's where you'd like to go. I've written Lydia/Marin in the past and I'd love to read Marin/Allison or Marin/Braeden as well).

I also really loved Alpha Kali, I loved the contrast between the downright terrifying villain and the gentler, regretful woman who couldn't bring herself to kill Julia. Their story reads as super queer to me, and I'd love to see some kind of romantic relationship there, but I also think that any relationship you'd like to write for them (friendship? something more complicated?) would be fascinating. Backstory leading up to their inevitable tragedy would be wonderful, but then so would be an AU where one or both survived for a second try at life.

But I also just really love Kali as a character, and I'd love to read anything about her - how did she come to join the alpha pack? What was her history before then? What's her relationship with Marin like? Was she really killed by the same flying glass that the twins managed to survive? (I choose to believe not).

Pirates of the Caribbean requests: Calypso | Tia Dalma, Anamaria

I have complicated feelings about this franchise - so many things I love, so many things that are grossly racist - but mainly I loved the ladies, and I'm still fascinated by how dark and mythic the series became by the third movie.

I feel like there's so many possibilities for Calypso/Tia Dalma, whether that's a story from her history before she was bound, a story about Tia Dalma as a mortal woman (who may or may not know that she's a goddess), or a story about Calypso set after the movies - how would centuries of mortality have changed her? How does she feel about how Davy Jones betrayed her? What was their original relationship even like, from her perspective?

Anamaria was one of my favourite characters from the first movie, it's still disappointing she didn't show up in the later movies. Again, I'd love any kind of story that fleshed out her history and character. Backstory or any kind of involvement with the events of the second and third movies would be fantastic, especially a meeting with Calypso or Tia Dalma, but really any kind of Anamaria story would be lovely.

Emelan requests: Daja, Dedicate Lark, Evi

I'm not gonna lie - coming back, as an adult, to one of my favourite childhood series and discovering that FUCK YEAH IT'S FULL OF QUEER LADIES? One of the best experiences ever.

I really, really love Daja, and pretty much any story about her would make me happy. Things I'd particularly be interested in reading about include her childhood pre-series with her original family (treating her culture, and specifically their restrictions, fairly), travel adventures with Frostpine, meeting up with Polyam again as an older teen or adult (I think they had a great friendship, but it would be lovely to see that continue into adulthood!), life as an adult with her siblings in Cheeseman Street (either before or after Namorn) or romance - either with Rizu (who I thought was sweet, but can't see how she would work out with Daja long-term) or someone new. I kind of ship Daja/Polyam, a little, but really I am open to anyone!

The fact that Lark and Rosethorn are a couple continues to thrill me, even years after Tamora Pierce made it canon. I'd adore any kind of story about how Lark met Rosethorn, how she fell in love with Rosethorn, how years later she is still putting up with Rosethorn threatening to turn misbehaving children into compost... But I'm also really fascinated by pre-series Lark. What was her life like? How did she find her magic? Why did she really make the decision to take temple vows?

Evi is also a wonderful character, and I'd really like to read more about her as she grows up and adapts to life in Winding Circle. Just as a note - I've read Melting Stones but not Battle Magic, and for a number of reasons am unlikely to do so. I don't mind spoilers and am happy to receive fic that includes events or characters from it, but I'd be unlikely to be able to appreciate a fic that was very tightly focused on the book like I'd like to! But if that's where you'd like to go, I don't mind - again, I'd prefer to read your dream story written with love and joy than something you didn't enjoy.

Penny Dreadful requests: Vanessa, Mina, Brona

So Vanessa and Mina are the tragic cracky lesbians of my heart, I love how blatant (and authentically Victorian!) their subtext is. Individually or together, I'd love a story about them in any point of their lives, whether that's femslash or gen. Their younger years together would be really interesting - was Mina really the angel to Vanessa's devil? I don't think so. But I'd also be really fascinated by a story about what Mina did after Vanessa betrayed her, or how Vanessa pulled herself together after her madness and found Sir Malcolm, or what Vanessa is going to do next. Or even an AU - a happy AU where Vanessa saved Mina, a dark AU where Mina seduced Vanessa to the dark side - whatever you like!

I also love Brona, I love her matter of fact attitude and determination to get all the joy out of life she can before the end. Again, I'd love to see more of her - preseries, during the series in moments we didn't see, or even something spinning off the end of Season 1 where (hopefully!) some element of her personality survives. I also really wish Brona and Vanessa had gotten the chance to interact more and develop a deeper relationship, whether positive or otherwise.

While it may not look like it from this set of requests, I do really love het as well as femslash! Especially for this fandom. I really enjoy Vanessa and Ethan's relationship, with all their parallels (STOIC PEOPLE STOICALLY TRYING TO CONTROL THE BEAST WITHIN), and would love to see that as either friendship or something more. But I did also love Brona/Ethan, how kind and tender they were to each other, and I'd hope that Brona would also be treated fairly.

In different ways, I also really enjoy Vanessa/Sir Malcolm. Just gonna leave that there!

I'm going to keep the next two short since I don't think anyone actually offered them :( but on the off-chance this might make a pinch-hitter's life easier:

Bas-Lag requests: Bellis Coldwine, Angevine, Ann-Hari, Derkhan Blueday, Pengefinchess

Oh man, this series! So many complicated feelings, so many complicated ladies. I've picked five who are particular favourites and/or I'd really love to read more stories about, but really, just about any Bas-Lag story would be thrilling.

A couple prompts - what does Bellis Coldwine do when she gets back to New Crobuzon? Is she still around during the events of Iron Council? What does Angevine do after Armada returns to regular life and the hunters depart? What was her history prior to coming to Armada? What happens to Ann-Hari after Iron Council?

Year of the Flood requests: Ren, Amanda, Toby

I love this book and I love these characters, so much. The relationships between them are especially wonderful - Amanda as Ren's knight in shining armour coming to save her legit makes me tear up. Just about anything about any of these characters, together or apart, would be wonderful.

I do have a caveat though: while I loved Ren and Toby teaming up to save Amanda, for a lot of reasons most of Maddaddam really did not work for me (What Toby Needs Is A Man, amirite??), and I would really appreciate it if you didn't include Zeb or especially not any relationship between Zeb and Toby. Keep the focus on the ladies, please.

Thank you again! ♥


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