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Dear gifter, I am so excited you're making something for me! And so sorry that this post is late - as usual, I didn't quite manage to finish writing this before assignments went out. :(

In terms of content and genre: I'm pretty easy going, I like lots and lots of different things! Explicit porn is awesome, G-rated stories with hand-holding are awesome, kink is awesome (some kinks I enjoy are bondage, D/s and orgasm denial; I also enjoy vanilla sex!), angst and bleakness are awesome, happy endings are awesome, humour is awesome, domesticity is awesome! Etc.

One thing I would prefer not to see is non-con, please.

Also, I am also not particularly interested in the kind of AU where characters are written into a completely different universe where they are pirates or cowgirls or something. AUs that explore the ramifications of a change to canon (what if character x survived/won the battle/etc instead) are always fascinating to me, however!

A few of my favourite things are banter, adventures, stoic girls with feeeeelings, road trips, female antiheroes or villains with complex motivations, post-apocalyptic settings, enemies forced to work together by circumstance, reluctant superheroes or people coming to terms with powers or a destiny that isn't necessarily wanted, found families, unexpected/unconventional happy endings, and worldbuilding, but by no means feel obligated to include any of these things!

I've requested some pretty bleak canons, as well as several pairings that end in tragedy - I don't mind whether you want to write a happy ending AU or stick with the canon unhappiness, whatever you're drawn to is fine.

If you're looking for more information about me, I don't use this journal anymore, but all of my fic is up at the AO3 here. My tumblr is here.

MaddAddam Trilogy - Margaret Atwood

Year of the Flood was the first book I read in the trilogy and I absolutely LOVED it. I loved Ren's character so much despite her flaws, she's so human and real, and her friendship with Amanda - her knight in shining armour coming to save her, the most important relationship of her life - legit made me tear up.

...and then I read Oryx & Crake and it was boring in comparison, but I was still really excited about MaddAddam. But then when I finally got my hands on it, it was all about What Toby Really Needs Is A Man and really What All Ladies Need Is A Man and I just about threw the book across the room.

More lesbians, please!

And by lesbians, I mean focus on female friendships and female relationships, but also Ren and Amanda confessing their love and living happily ever after together. Normally I'm totally ok with sadness but this is the one canon where I know i won't be able to deal with unrequited love - I really need these two to end up together and relatively happy. Feel free to make the setting/world around them as complicated and ambiguous as you like, facing an uncertain future and possible doom is fine, as long as they are doing it together :)


I gave up on this show a while back and the plot has well and truly lost me, but I still go back and watch some of the Emily/Amanda episodes sometimes because I loved their relationship so damn much. Emotionally repressed heroine/troublemaking free spirit pairings are some of my favourites, and these two had SO MUCH incredible id-ficcy backstory together. Despite their problems they looked after each other and really did genuinely care, and they knew (almost) all of each other's secrets, and AMANDA DIED IN EMILY'S ARMS WHILE EMILY CONFESSED THAT SHE REALLY DID LOVE HER ALL ALONG, and excuse me, I'm crying again.

I'm really into the idea of au/fix-it where for whatever reason, Amanda manages to convince Emily to run away with her after all and they become con artists on the french Riveria or something. Or one where Amanda survives the boat and Emily realises that love >>> revenge and they run away to become con artists on the french Riveria or something, possibly also with Jack and/or a baby. BUT I am also into fic that fits within canon, whether that's pre-series or a missing scene or whatever you like. :) I have zero feelings one way or the other about Jack so really feel free to do what you like with him, as long as it's not bashing his character. Anything on the spectrum from sad death to some kind of poly relationship is fine.

The Southern Reach trilogy - Jeff Vandermeer
Grace/The Psychologist

I love these weird, creepy books so much - haven't managed to get my hands on Acceptance yet but I'm really excited about it!

In Authority, the little glimpses we get of the pre-Control Southern Reach under Grace and the Psychologist/Director sound so so fascinating to me, and I'd love to see more of it. I love weird science, the idea that there is something immense and unknowable out there that people strive to understand anyway - but look, I also work in a bureaucracy, so anything that explores the idiosyncrasies and frustrations and ridiculousness of working in a large organisation would be awesome.

And I really love the queerness of the relationship between Grace and the Psychologist/Director - to have two women right at the top of an organisation like that, in that Fox Mulder role of the slightly obsessive True Believer who understands the things that everyone else is too blinded to see - I love that. I'd love to see a story actually about them.

I would also like something exploring what happens after Authority too though - what happens to Grace, after the Southern Reach? What really happens in Area X?

Penny Dreadful
Vanessa/Mina, Vanessa/Brona

Oh this show! It's a good time, and I adore everything about Vanessa, but man it really needs more ladies, and more ladies interacting. Vanessa/Mina was good but there is NOT ENOUGH. And it's tragic that Vanessa and Brona only got one scene together!

Mina and Vanessa are the cracky tragic lesbians of my HEART. Their doomed romance is basically canon and I adore it, I'd love anything - happy pre-series backstory, ambiguous pre-series backstory, an au where Vanessa really did save her and they go on to fight crime/their inner darkness together, a different au where Mina lured Vanessa onto the dark side and they conquer the world together, however the spirit moves you! Please feel free to make this as kinky as you like, by the way.

I am still sad that Vanessa and Brona didn't really get to know each other, I think they're both such interesting characters and despite the class differences, they're really outsiders in different ways. As sad as Brona's life was, I really loved her sense of humour and determination to get as much joy out of life as she could before the end - I think Vanessa could use some of that, but I think she could help Brona, too. I'd really love to see anything exploring how a relationship between them would go! Also, the season one finale sets up a lot of interesting possibilities!

Game of Thrones
Sansa/Shae, Shae/Cersei, Ros/Shae

Okay, you're probably sensing a theme with this sign up.

As you can imagine, I really wasn't happy with the last couple seasons of the show - not just Shae, but so many things they've done that don't respect their female characters or their agency. It depresses me so much, more so because I still love the characters and don't want to have to keep watching horrible things happening to them.

I love Shae, her fierce strength and determination to survive no matter what, the way she tries to hold herself aloof but can't help loving people even when it hurts her. I'm still heartbroken by s4 - any kind of fix it where she survives would be brilliant, of course, but really anything that gives her agency and focuses the narrative on her rather than Tyrion's manpain is what i'm looking for. I don't mind if you stay with the canon ending as long as the focus is on her.

I still dream of happy stories where Sansa and Shae save each other and run away to the free cities or something; their relationship was one of my favourite things about the show, and I'd love to see more of them together without the complication of Tyrion, especially as Sansa is getting older and wiser and more capable of an equal relationship.

Shae and Cersei barely interacted but they're both such interesting, bitter, clear-eyed characters, I think they could really be interesting together. Maybe Tywin isn't the Lannister Shae ended up in bed with after Tyrion!

Ros and Shae are another pair of characters who should have interacted more than they did. Along with its gender problem this show has a class problem - the fact that basically the only non-noble women we see are whores is a fucking problem - and a story from the perspective of Ros and Shae, at the bottom of society, could be so interesting. ...Also, it would be pretty nice if they made it to their happy ending. Just saying.

Once again, thank you so much! <3


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