Sep. 28th, 2013

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Hi! I am so excited that you are writing for me! And I'm very sorry that I am only making this post now, I had hoped to get this up before signups closed but real life and a dead laptop screen got in my way :(

In terms of content and genre: I'm pretty easy going, I like lots and lots of different things! Explicit porn is awesome, G-rated stories with hand-holding are awesome, kink is awesome (some kinks I enjoy are bondage, D/s and orgasm denial; I also enjoy vanilla sex!), angst and bleakness are awesome, happy endings are awesome, humour is awesome, domesticity is awesome! Etc.

One thing I would prefer not to see is non-con, please. Also many of the pairings i have requested involve characters who have been enemies or otherwise have complicated relationships; I like happy stories involving former enemies, but a super fluffy story that completely erases their past history probably isn't for me.

For these fandoms, I am also not particularly interested in the kind of AU where characters are written into a completely different universe where they are pirates or cowgirls or something. AUs that explore the ramifications of a change to canon (what if character x survived/won the battle/etc instead) are always fascinating to me, however!

A few of my favourite things are banter, adventures, stoic girls with feeeeelings, road trips, female antiheroes or villains with complex motivations, post-apocalyptic settings, enemies forced to work together by circumstance, reluctant superheroes or people coming to terms with powers or a destiny that isn't necessarily wanted, found families, unexpected/unconventional happy endings, and worldbuilding, but by no means feel obligated to include any of these things!

If you're looking for more information about me, I don't use this journal anymore, but all of my fic is up at the AO3 here. My tumblr is also fannish!

Fandom specific details below the cut:
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Thank you so much for writing for me! ♥


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