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A mix for [ profile] eudaimon's brilliant A Circle in the Chain, for [ profile] apocabigbang.

front cover back cover

Sarah Blasko – Bird on a Wire
for the first time in your life you made a home
you'd work your fingers right down to the bone

Gram Rabbit – Cowboys & Aliens
London bridge is falling down
space invaders in every town
you better watch out cause you're gonna fall
off the humpty dumpty wall

Soulsavers – Unbalanced Pieces
the sky is red, clouds are grey and copper moon
one day I'll tell you
the threats are veiled, snowblind at first
unfurl the sails
for Heaven's blue or dark uncertain waters

Goldfrapp – Black Cherry
all my world in one grain of sand
and you own it

Crystal Castles – Celestica (Bear in Heaven remix)
have they cleansed you with chloride
and scrubbed behind the knees
has your body been hollowed by the breeze

Foals – One (Your Name) (Swedish House Mafia Remix)
I wanna know your name
or better yet, stay there
just do that

Empire of the Sun – Standing on the Shore
speak in silent tongues
lies reflect the times
the ghosts and the shadows fill the living scene

Angus & Julia Stone – Draw Your Swords
so come on love,
draw your swords
shoot me to the ground
you are mine
I am yours
let’s not fuck around

TV On The Radio – Family Tree
we’re lying in the shadow of your family tree
your haunted heart and me
brought down by an old idea whose time has come

Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers
oh I beg you
can I follow
oh I ask you
why not always
be the ocean
where I unravel
be my only
be the water where I'm wading

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Down Boy
I'll stand kind of pushed
kind of bent
on this heavy land
I'll stand for the sake
of my friends
I will see him there

Crystal Castles – Baptism
hold my head underwater
take a breath for the father
learn to love lessons repeating
the chronicles are so misleading

this is your baptism
and you can't forgive them

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – Deus Ibi Est
Soldiers come and soldiers go
Some changed by love for thee
A circle in the chain of life
All fighting to be free

73.8MB @ mediafire

Date: 2011-05-24 10:30 am (UTC)
sang_dencre: (GK [War Doc and Espera])
From: [personal profile] sang_dencre
Awesome mix for a brilliant fic.
Downloaded. :)

Date: 2011-09-08 08:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The link is down, is it to late to ask for reupload?


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