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Dear writer,

I am so, so sorry about how late this ended up. :( If you've already started writing, then I'm sure it will be SO AWESOME and hopefully my signup gave you enough to go on, please just ignore this and do whatever you were planning to do! I am already so excited to be getting a story from you. &hearts

But if you do want more details, read on. I babble a LOT, as you have probably already noticed from my signup, I'm sorry. -_-

Copied from last year - In general I'm pretty easy-going, honestly, there's not really anything I hate. I like gen, het, femslash, poly, slash! I like plot and character studies and porn! I like humour and fluff and angst! (Though, I do prefer that my angst isn't completely unrelentingly bleak, and that my fluff is not completely tooth-rottingly sappy.) Kink is awesome, threesomes and moresomes are awesome, character death I am iffy on but if well-written and not just there for gratuous angst is okay (it depends a lot on the fandom) - when I say that pretty much anything goes, I really do mean it!

Honestly, if you have a cool idea for a story then run with it; forcing yourself to write something you're not really sure about or interested in is PAINFUL, and the first kind of story is probably going to be better (and more fun!) anyway. And if you DON'T have an awesome idea yet, well, hopefully specific details would be helpful. :)

Take Care of My Cat

I said, I love this movie so much, anything at all would make me so unbelievably happy! Pre-or post-movie - or a missing scene from within it - fleshing out the characters or showing something we didn't get to see would be fabulous. I kind of ship Tae-hee/Ji-young, and I would love to see something about them post-movie - but a gen story about them, or Hae-joo, or the twins, would be fabulous. :) I'd prefer to stick with something based on the canon of the movie rather than an AU for this one, though.

And I don't really have much more to add to that. Post-movie adventures while Tae-hee and Ji-young travel the world, whatever happens to Hae-joo and Bi-ryu and Ohn-jo after the movie, something from their school days, a missing scene - whatever you want. :) You've probably already seen my pimping post for this movie, but if you haven't it's here.


I said, I love the relationships and friendships among all of these girls, and the sense of a team among them, and how they support each other in their different ways. I listed my four favourites (Alice, Marti, Savannah, Vanessa), but really I love pretty much everyone. I'd love to see stories exploring these characters and any of their relationships with one another or with a character I haven't specifically mentioned - gen, het, femslash, poly, explicit. whatever you are interested in and comfortable with writing. (Not a huge fan of infidelity though. Or of Red, please no Vanessa/Red, if you an manage that.) I'd also love an AU or a crossover in this fandom, if you feel like that - the Hellcats are slayers! the Hellcats escape the twelve colonies with Laura Roslin's fleet! The Hellcats are mutants and go to the X-men academy! Go wild, it doesn't even matter if you don't think I'd know the fandom, fantasy/sci-fi/ridiculousness is generally awesome. :) I like femslash a lot, I'd love to see Marti/Savannah or Alice/Marti or something, or a general story looking at queer experiences, but don't feel obligated, I love het (Lewis and Dan are awesome) and I love gen too. :)

And yeah, I don't have that much to add there either. This show is my silly happy place right now, but considering the direction the show is taking some relationships at the moment (I don't want to be spoilery) I'd also be happy with a sadder, more unhappy story, if you felt like going there. Relationshippy, character study, plotty, ensemble - anything you feel like! I will mention as well that I do like the family relationships in this show, especially all the strong mother-daughter relationships (and I'd prefer to keep what we see between Marti and Savannah and their mothers, troubled but still loving and not totally damaged) - but yeah, that's just one of many things about the show that I enjoy.

Also, I didn't mention it in signups, but if you wanted to go wild with Dan Patch's little comment about "there go my dreams of an orgy," then FEEL FREE. I could definitely ship that foursome! ;)

Patti Smith - Smells Like Teen Spirit

I said, I specified the Patti Smith cover of this song, because it's awesome, and there's a piece of spoken-word poetry in the middle that gives me so many ideas, I hope it would do the same for you. Fantasy, dystopias, science-fiction, post-apocalyptic settings - I love them all. Honestly, anything you come up with this would be fantastic, go wild. A short atmospheric piece, interaction between characters, anything. :)

This is a weird one, I admit, but I do love this song. You can listen to it on youtube here. It's very different from the original, but I do love it.

As best as I can get, these are the lyrics of the bit Patti Smith adds to the middle:

the empty hand of innocence transfusing
street of the sorrows and children of the wood
shredding all veils
unwinding all sheets of the dead world
overturning tables
laden with silver sacrificial birds
beating goatskin drums
advancing with hands outstretched
and we keep filling them with mercury, nitrate, asbestos
baby bombs blasting blue
scavengers picking through the ashes
children of the mills! children of the junkyards!
sleepy, illiterate, fuzzy little rats
haunted, paint-sniffing
stoned out of their shaved heads
forgotten, foraging
mystical children, foul-mouthed
glassy-eyed, hallucinating

Really, go wild with this one. Anything you want!

What Katy Did series

I said, I really enjoyed the last book of this series (In the High Valley) and I'd love a story based around Clover, Elsie, Clarence and Geoff's families in the beginning of the novel (okay, to be honest I read that as a group marriage, and if you're comfortable with it a story about that - incest and all - would be really cool). Or just generally. I'd love a story about all the Carrs in that book and where they end up. Or alternatively I'd love a story from one of the earlier books - a Katy story from any time in her history, really, boarding school awesomeness with Rose Red (I'm open to femslash, if you choose) or anything you like. And I did really like Lilly, a sympathetic, realistic story about her would also be great.

And ugh, sorry for all the typos in this bit, I signed up really quickly using my grandpa's awful dialup and didn't have time for a re-read. Anyway, if I did sound a bit specific here I'm really really sorry - I did ask for anything, and I really did mean it! I really do love the Carr family and all their friends and relations we see, and I'd love a story from any time period, anything from a fun What Katy Did-era gen story to something set after Katy's marriage or beyond. I love the idea of queering the text, putting 21st century concepts of gender and sexuality and disability to work on the 19th century text, but you know, if you want to just write a happy story that takes the books at face value I will be thrilled with that too. And if you haven't read the later books, that is totally fine too, don't feel obliged! I love Katy as a little girl, and all her brothers and sisters, and her relationships with her father and cousin Helen. Anything, really!

Basically, dear writer, thank you so much! Write whatever makes you feel happiest, because this should be fun - and I'm sure I'll be happy with it too. &hearts
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