Sep. 2nd, 2015

Femslash 15

Sep. 2nd, 2015 09:13 pm
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Dear creator, I'm so excited you're writing something for me! And I'm so sorry this is going up late. :(

I'm mostly going to c/p this from last year since otherwise I'm never going to get this letter done. I do go on a bit, but it's mostly just intended as something to give you ideas, if you'd like to use them. If there's a story you're dying to write for any of these fandoms and character, I'd love to read it, regardless of how it fits in with the prompts I've provided below.

Please don't feel obliged to read any of this letter if you'd prefer not to!

I don't have any die-hard dislikes - anything fandom-specific will be mentioned there. In general, I am comfortable reading just about anything - including nonconsent, violence, character death, etc - provided that it is not gratuitous and makes sense within the context of the narrative, and that it is warned for up front.

I am also pretty flexible with the things I like. Explicit porn is awesome, G-rated stories with hand-holding are awesome, angst and bleakness are awesome, happy endings are awesome, humour is awesome, domesticity is awesome! Etc.

A few of my favourite things are banter, adventures, stoic girls with feeeeelings, road trips, female antiheroes or villains with complex motivations, enemies forced to work together by circumstance, reluctant superheroes or people coming to terms with powers or a destiny that isn't necessarily wanted, found families, unexpected/unconventional happy endings, tragedies that are more-or-less inevitable given the nature of the individuals involved, and worldbuilding, but by no means feel obligated to include any of these things!

For these fandoms, I am not very interested in the kind of AU where characters are written into a completely different universe where they are pirates or cowgirls or something. AUs that explore the ramifications of a change to canon (what if character x survived/won the battle/etc instead) are always fascinating to me, however!

If you'd like some general information about me, all my fic is on AO3 here.

If you'd like more detail, I requested:

Avatar: the Last Airbender )

The Friendly Young Ladies )

Fringe )

Teen Wolf )

Crossovers )

Thank you again so much!!!


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