Oct. 20th, 2010

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Take Care of My Cat is an amazing South Korean film from 2001. I really love it, and requested it for Yuletide last year (sadly there is still no fic for it, at all) - I could talk about it for SO LONG but I will try not to. :)

It's a coming of age movie, about five best friends living in the city of Incheon a year after they graduated from high school. It's dramatic, sometimes tense, sometimes bleak, sometimes happy and uplifting, always really interesting. Some of the things I love about it:
-Strong, interesting, real characters, mostly women. And also intense, realistic female friendships, where people drift apart as well as getting closer, but in a totally organic way.
-Femslash! Most of the movie it's like, yeah, okay, I guess I could ship that? And then you get to the last five minutes and it is like !!!!! AMAZING. I can't talk about it without spoilers, so I won't, but... it's pretty incredibly slashy, if you're into such things. :)
-Tae-hee's adorable mittens!
-Also there is a KITTEN.

If you are interested in sources with chromatic characters and creators, it pretty much goes without saying that Take Care of My Cat is perfect. All the main characters are South Korean (two of Chinese descent), it's set in South Korea, and the creator is not only South Korean but also a woman. And it's a really good movie.

Pictures, trailer and download links under the cut )

The movie website is here; it has cast information, synopsis, etc.

Watch this movie! You won't regret it. :D


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